About Us – Organic Larder

About us

We have a wide range of certified organic and biodynamic products— from food, beverage, body care, and baby care to household products.  Our product suppliers are handpicked by our owner, who visits each of their farms and factories for inspections, making sure that the products are of the highest calibre and ensures that consumers are getting products that meet and exceed the approved quality standards. We source from family businesses and not from corporations, which is why our CEO guarantees the quality of our products. We go to these lengths, because here at Organic Larder, we believe that your health is your wealth!

Why Organic?

Why are people switching to organic?  It’s not a fad, it’s a brilliant decision to improve well-being! Here are some reasons To ensure that they are consuming only good quality products To avoid the bad cocktail of chemicals that may harm the body (pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, synthetic fertilizers & GMOs) The consumption of chemically treated food, when accumulated over time, may cause serious illness In addition to the above, it is not only the consumers’ health, which suffers from eating many non-organic products, but also the health of the farmers that produce them. Exposure to pesticides can cause farmers harm, ranging from skin irritation and allergic reactions, to headaches, dizziness and nausea. Eating organic foods makes your body healthier as you get to prevent free radicals from being stuck inside your body. Organic food products are proven to be safer and more nutritious. These foods typically have more nutrients and are rich in vitamins and minerals. They also contain enzymes that bring about health benefits to the human body. They also contain higher amounts of antioxidants than conventional foods. Going organic does not only result in having healthy families, but also brings about a healthy environment. We do not only help ourselves by going organic, we also help the environment, as we are reducing pollution, thus, contributing to a healthier and more stable ecosystem, which in turn, benefits humans, animals, and plants alike.

Why Organic Larder?

We are price conscious because we understand the value of proper nutrition to everyone. We do our utmost to maintain our competitive pricing policy and ensure that our high-quality products are readily accessible and affordable as we want to ensure, organic made easy for everyone. We know what you want, which is why we came up with different ranges—Keto, Vegan, Vegetarian, gluten-free, diet-free, low in sugar, low in cholesterol, etc.— simply because we care about consumers’ nutritional needs. We source responsibly, so we are confident of our organic traceability from farm to fork and from seed to shelf.