About Us

 We have a wide range of certified organic and biodynamic products— from food, beverage, body care, and baby care to household products.
  Our product suppliers are handpicked by our owner, who visits each of their farms and factories for inspections, making sure that the products are of the highest
calibre and ensures that consumers are getting products that meet and exceed the approved quality standards. We source from family businesses and not from corporations, which is why our CEO guarantees the quality of our products.
 We go to these lengths, because here at Organic Larder, we believe that your health is your wealth! 

Why choose organic?

Organic means growing our food, which is to nourish us, without chemical aids during the growing process such as fertilisers, pesticides, fungicides, herbacides, larbicides etc and during the processing like colours, sweeteners, preservatives, colouring, stabilisers, emulsifiers.

Why Organic Larder

New range coming in on a weekly basis into our fruit & veg section, such as : Romanesco Cauliflower,Purple Artichoke,Parsnips,Wild Wonder Cherry Tomatoes,Keep posted and check in on the latest upcoming monthly additions.


We have a massive variety
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A collection of our Master Chef's Personal favorites made with Organic Larder products

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